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Males sturggle to maintain body image

Dec 6, 2012

When you type the word “women” in the Bing images search engine, photos of women in bikinis showing their flat stomachs and overly made faces appear. When you type in the word “men” in Bing images, photos of shirtless men showing thei...

More diversity needed in Disney

Nov 8, 2012

Disney princess checklist: Caucasian princess…check, a Native American princess…check and Latina princess….che…

Pay inequality still a problem for women

Oct 30, 2012

Despite living in the 21st century, we are still seeing inequality at the workplace. Women are still being paid less than men, but women are not taking a back seat anymore.

Tainted donations from porn website

Oct 23, 2012

It’s great to donate money to charities. It feels good and you know it’s going to those who need it the most. However, there can be times when you question the source and even the motive for donating money.

Degrading songs hurt women

Oct 9, 2012

When we hear a Pitbull, Snoop Dogg or Kanye West song blasting on the radio, we might think of them as musicians with ground-breaking music. These artists have songs everyone can dance to until they have blisters on their feet. However, some ...

Health Professions High School

Oct 5, 2012
Health Professions High School

By Elissa Aguilar At Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High School this past year, 71 percent of all seniors went to college. This is the ...

Women’s magazines need important subjects

Oct 2, 2012

In most grocery stores, one of the last things you see before the checkout counter are those pretty, glossy magazines. The magazines generally give women beauty and relationship tips or celebrity gossip, but lack on giving a positive image to...

VIDEO: A Little Piece Of Advice

Sep 28, 2012

This video is pretty much me giving myself advice if I knew what was going to happen after I got the job working for accesslocal.tv. ...

Good Bye AccessLocal

Sep 28, 2012
Good Bye AccessLocal

It was a great summer working as a Neighborhood News Correspondent! This summer, I got to meet people I never thought I would meet, I ...

Piercings and jobs

Sep 27, 2012
Piercings and jobs

By Julianna Ramirez Do you have any piercings?Aa lot of people say piercings mess up your face or they hurt, but I think piercings stand out. I have six piercings total, all ...

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