David Jensen

Writing from the perspective of more than three decades in the news business, Jensen brings a background in business and government to bear on the $3 billion California stem cell agency. Now retired, his career included a 10-year stint as executive business editor of The Sacramento Bee, legislative coverage for United Press International and two years as a press aide to Gov. Jerry Brown during his first term in office. Jensen has covered the stem cell agency since its inception from his sailboat/home located south of the border with visits to California from time to time.

Web Site: http://californiastemcellreport.blogspot.com/

California’s New, Fast-Track Stem Cell Program Draws Applications But Details Missing

Jan 31, 2015

California’s new and ambitious effort to speed stem cell therapies into widespread use drew “multiple” applications as it closed out its first round on Friday.

January is the first month of what the agency calls a radical move in its grant-making. Its initial foray is a $50 million clinical stage round that will be...

The Stem Cellar: California Stem Cell Agency on Gordie Howe and Human Tissue Donations

Jan 31, 2015

The Stem Cellar is the blog of the California stem cell agency, and it is consistently worthy of attention.

For the most part it deals with scientific issues, only occasionally touching on other matters. Of course, it does serve as a vehicle for selling the agency’s programs and informing readers about their benefits.


Winners Revealed for $30 Million in California Stem Cell Awards

Jan 30, 2015

The California stem cell agency today revealed the identities of the winners of $30 million in awards aimed at removing bottlenecks in stem cell research.

The 20 names were added to the news release posted yesterday afternoon on the agency’s Web site. All the recipients work at institutions that have representatives on the...

Evaluation of California’s Stem Cell CEO Caps Today’s Board Meeting

Jan 29, 2015

Directors of the California stem cell agency have gone into executive session to discuss evaluation of its new president, Randy Mills, who has been on the job since last May. No major additional action is expected from the board. The California Stem Ce...

From Fraud Checks to Unspent Funds: California’s Proposed Rules for Stem Cell Researchers

Jan 29, 2015

The California stem cell agency today put off adoption of  new rules for the way it will hand out its last $1 billion, speeding the money to researchers and attempting to improve the quality of research proposals.

The agency's staff deferred action on the proposal in order to spend more time refining it prior...

Stem Cell Research Training Program Terminated by California

Jan 29, 2015

The California stem cell agency today scuttled its first grant program, a $131 million effort to train stem cell scholars at time when researchers were backing away from the field.The 29-member governing board voted, 14-5, to end the program that began...

CIRM Press Release on $30 Million in Awards

Jan 29, 2015

The California stem cell agency has posted a news release on approval of $30 million for 20 projects to clear out roadblocks hampering the development of stem cell cures. A list of recipients will be forthcoming later, the agency said.

California Okays $30 Million in Awards to Help Remove Stem Cell Roadblocks

Jan 29, 2015

Directors of the California stem cell agency today approved $30 million to help eliminate bottlenecks in turning stem cell research into cures.

The action gave the go-ahead to awards that were backed by either its blue-ribbon reviewers from outside of California or the agency’s own staff, plus three additional proposals moved forward by the...

Discussion Underway in $35 Million in California Stem Cell Grant Round

Jan 29, 2015

Directors of the California stem cell agency have begun discussion of awards in a $35 million round to remove bottlenecks in stem cell research. Here is a CIRM list of board members that have conflicts on specific applications. Those board members are ...

California Stem Cell Directors Open Meeting Today in California

Jan 29, 2015

Directors of the California stem cell agency opened their meeting today in Burlingame, Ca., at 9 a.m. PST with introduction of new board members.

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