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Writing from the perspective of more than three decades in the news business, Jensen brings a background in business and government to bear on the $3 billion California stem cell agency. Now retired, his career included a 10-year stint as executive business editor of The Sacramento Bee, legislative coverage for United Press International and two years as a press aide to Gov. Jerry Brown during his first term in office. Jensen has covered the stem cell agency since its inception from his sailboat/home located south of the border with visits to California from time to time.

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NIH Action on Stem Cells: More Than ‘Bureaucratic Bungling’

Apr 16, 2014
NIH Action on Stem Cells: More Than ‘Bureaucratic Bungling’

A national stem cell advocacy group this week ripped the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for “dismantling” its Center for Regenerative Medicine, describing the move as a "setback" for the entire field.

Bernard Siegel
GPI photo
The Genetics Policy Institute (GPI) said the action was a “huge disappointment” in an...

California Stem Cell CEO Search: Three to Four Candidates Remain, Fewer Tomorrow

Apr 16, 2014

A key panel of the directors of the $3 billion California stem cell agency today is expected to whittle down its list of candidates to become the new CEO of the organization, which is facing financial extinction in 2017.

Currently there are three or four candidates, all from the private sector, the California Stem Cell...

$124 Million Deal for Keirstead’s California Stem Cell, Inc.

Apr 15, 2014
$124 Million Deal for Keirstead’s California Stem Cell, Inc.

California Stem Cell, Inc., founded by the UC Irvine researcher made famous eight years ago by showing a once paralyzed rat apparently walking on national television, was sold this week in a deal reportedly worth at least $124 million in stock and cash.

NeoStem, a New York city-based firm, announced the acquisition yesterday in...

Strangling Science: Antiquated System Wastes Billions, Cost Lives

Apr 13, 2014
Strangling Science: Antiquated System Wastes Billions, Cost Lives

The scientific community in California and the nation is fraught with worry about declining financial support for academic research. At the same time, however, as scientists wring their hands about the lack of funding, they are going along with the waste of more than $10 billion that could be used to help...

Rao Joins New York Stem Cell Foundation

Apr 9, 2014

The New York Stem Cell Foundation announced today that Mahendra Rao, former head of the NIH Center for Regenerative Medicine, has been hired as its vice president for regenerative medicine, a new position at the organization.Rao left the NIH March...

California Stem Cell CEO Search: Rao Out, Closed-Door Meeting Next Week

Apr 9, 2014
California Stem Cell CEO Search: Rao Out, Closed-Door Meeting Next Week

Mahendra Rao
NIH photo
Speculation surfaced this week but was quickly squelched that Mahendra Rao, until recently the head of the federal Center for Regenerative Medicine, is a candidate to become the new president of the $3 billion California stem cell agency.

Rao's departure from the NIH's $52 million stem...

California’s $40 Million Stem Cell Genomics Award Still Hanging Fire

Mar 31, 2014

The California stem cell agency's $40 million award to a Stanford-Salk group for stem cell genomics research is not yet a done deal.

The award was approved more than two months ago by the agency's board. However, the proposal is now caught up in a staff review of the nitty-gritty of...

The Long Odds Story of Stem Cell Research

Mar 24, 2014

It was the sort of story that Californians did not see during the ballot campaign 10 years ago that created the state's $3 billion stem cell agency.

The story line then was of hope and the imminent prospect of cures for a host of diseases that afflicted half of California's population.


Blog on Break

Mar 17, 2014

The California Stem Cell Report will go dark for about a week or so while its producer makes an ocean passage from Zihuatanejo to Puerto Vallarta. Prepare for more stem cell excitement later this month.

Sunlight, Stem Cells and Feathers

Mar 16, 2014

California stem cell researcher​/blogger Paul Knoepfler is reporting that he has ruffled some elite feathers in the stem cell community.

In a post last week, the UC Davisscientist said that his heavy coverage of the STAP stem cell flap appears to have offended some. He wrote,
“It seems (the) concept of...