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Seeds: Trees need extra TLC during drought

Aug 22, 2014

Walk down almost any residential street in Sacramento and you’ll see the cumulative effects of this dry, dry year. Often in the middle of a brown lawn stands a very sad, droopy tree.

Once drought restrictions are lifted, the lawn can be renewed or replaced in a matter of weeks. But...

Seeds: Preserve that produce on

Aug 15, 2014

Got too many tomatoes? Cucumbers piling up? Overloaded with peaches? It’s time to can it – and we know some folks willing to help.

Today is International Can-It-Forward Day, a celebration of harvest preservation. This self-proclaimed holiday is the brain child of Jarden Home Brands, the makers of Ball brand...

A taste of honey – and the words to describe it

Aug 12, 2014

Describe honey. It’s not as simple as you may think.

“Most people just say ‘sweet,’ ” said Amina Harris, director of the Honey and Pollination Center at UC Davis’ Robert Mondavi Institute for Food and Wine Science. “But honey is so much more.”

Depending on its nectar...

Seeds: Bad bugs invade our summer gardens

Aug 8, 2014

With armored bodies or weapon-shaped limbs, they look like creatures from an unfriendly alien world – or a blockbuster movie. But their damage is very real. Seemingly out of nowhere, they invade to suck the joy out of our tranquil summer harvest.

It’s the Invasion of the Bad Bugs.


Seeds: Harvest Day celebrates home-grown food

Aug 1, 2014

Weather willing, a huge crowd is expected to turn out for today’s Harvest Day. Rain is (almost) never the issue; it’s the heat.

“We had 3,000 people turn out last year, our largest crowd ever,” said Judy McClure, Sacramento County’s master gardener coordinator. “We expect about the same, if the weather...

Seeds: Lessons of California’s drought from 1976

Jul 25, 2014

“What have you done to save water today?”

That leading question could be asked any day this year, but it’s an echo from California’s past.

On a poster hung in schoolrooms and kitchens across the state, that query came from 1976 and a public service announcement printed by...

Tomato time challenge: How to preserve the harvest

Jul 22, 2014

Across Sacramento kitchens in midsummer, cooks annually see red. The trigger is an avalanche of homegrown tomatoes – or irresistible bargains brought home from the farmers market.

In the heart of tomato country, this bounty brings palpitations. What to do with all those tomatoes?

It’s a dilemma –...

Seeds: What drought? Harvest looks great

Jul 18, 2014

This looks like a bountiful summer. In backyards and orchards throughout the Sacramento area, fruit trees are covered with ripening plums and peaches. Limbs hang extra heavy with unexpectedly large crops.

Don’t these trees know there’s a drought?

Apparently, they do. This is just another way nature...

Seeds: State Fair shows water-wise awareness

Jul 11, 2014

Before the State Fair opened its gates Friday, visitors to Cal Expo already were noticing the drought-minded changes this summer.

“The grass on Exposition Boulevard is looking pretty sorry,” said Sonya Logman, Cal Expo’s external affairs director. “Actually, we’ve gotten phone calls – ‘Hey, you’ve got some sprinklers broken – your...

Seeds: Lonely Bouquets to brighten Greater Sacramento on Sunday

Jun 27, 2014

How would you react if you found a bouquet of fresh flowers?

It’s not quite like the “Hidden Cash” craze, but such a find is its own kind of unique treasure. Instead of envelopes of money randomly taped to public sites, locally grown flower arrangements are left on park benches or...

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