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Tomato time challenge: How to preserve the harvest

Jul 22, 2014

Across Sacramento kitchens in midsummer, cooks annually see red. The trigger is an avalanche of homegrown tomatoes – or irresistible bargains brought home from the farmers market.

In the heart of tomato country, this bounty brings palpitations. What to do with all those tomatoes?

It’s a dilemma –...

Seeds: What drought? Harvest looks great

Jul 18, 2014

This looks like a bountiful summer. In backyards and orchards throughout the Sacramento area, fruit trees are covered with ripening plums and peaches. Limbs hang extra heavy with unexpectedly large crops.

Don’t these trees know there’s a drought?

Apparently, they do. This is just another way nature...

Seeds: State Fair shows water-wise awareness

Jul 11, 2014

Before the State Fair opened its gates Friday, visitors to Cal Expo already were noticing the drought-minded changes this summer.

“The grass on Exposition Boulevard is looking pretty sorry,” said Sonya Logman, Cal Expo’s external affairs director. “Actually, we’ve gotten phone calls – ‘Hey, you’ve got some sprinklers broken – your...

Seeds: Lonely Bouquets to brighten Greater Sacramento on Sunday

Jun 27, 2014

How would you react if you found a bouquet of fresh flowers?

It’s not quite like the “Hidden Cash” craze, but such a find is its own kind of unique treasure. Instead of envelopes of money randomly taped to public sites, locally grown flower arrangements are left on park benches or...

Seeds: Perennials guru closes down his benefit plant sales

Jun 20, 2014

Just like his beloved perennials, Bob Hamm keeps coming back for more. But the challenges of maintaining his benefit plant sales through this summer appear overwhelming to the longtime volunteer.

This week, Hamm is shutting down his backyard nursery operation with an everything-must-go kind of clearance sale of unusual and rare...

Seeds: Fuchsias, an old favorite, keep birds humming

Jun 6, 2014
Seeds: Fuchsias, an old favorite, keep birds humming

Scott Humphrey of Rancho Cordova, a fuchsia expert, says hummingbirds love tubular flowers, including fuchsias, salvias and agapanthus.

Scott Humphrey recommends a sure way to attract more hummingbirds into your garden: Hang a fuchsia.

Humphrey, of course, is partial to this graceful bell-like flower. He’s a...

Seeds: Amid drought, Maple Rock Gardens celebrates spring

May 23, 2014
Seeds: Amid drought, Maple Rock Gardens celebrates spring

Changes abound at Maple Rock, including a spruced-up Japanese garden.

Owner Scott Paris has overseen a lot of change at his Maple Rock Gardens. Besides its showcase landscapes, the Newcastle landmark now is a full-fledged working farm, providing fresh produce for Paris’ restaurant at High Hand Nursery and Conservatory in...

Seeds: Going native with an eye on water

May 16, 2014
Seeds: Going native with an eye on water

Prairie smoke ( Geum triflorum) is an interesting native wildflower that can make itself at home in the dry garden, according to author Miriam Goldberger.

As we continue to reshape our front- and backyards to fit our non-rainy weather, we in California have learned that some plants cope much...

‘Carmina Burana’ keeps their world turning

May 15, 2014
‘Carmina Burana’ keeps their world turning

Dan Kempson, a baritone, is a “Carmina Burana” veteran.

Some performers can’t get enough of “Carmina Burana.” The Sacramento Chorale Society and Orchestra hopes the same is true of its local audience.

Just seven weeks after the Sacramento Ballet presented its dance-heavy version of “Carmina Burana,” the...

In Season: Prunes get their mojo back

May 13, 2014
In Season: Prunes get their mojo back

Dane Lance, CEO and president of Sunsweet, visits the huge processing plant in Yuba City where Sunsweet processes millions of plums into prunes.

Wrinkles can be cool – if you’re a prune.

Many of us have had a long love affair with our crinkly, locally grown prunes,...

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