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Seeds: California native plants are on gardeners’ most wanted list

Oct 10, 2014

Taylor Lewis believes in the power of natives. As an expert in California native plants, he’s been preaching this botanical gospel for years. But it took the drought to finally get that message to sink in with other gardeners.

“That’s what people are looking for – California natives,” said Lewis, who...

‘Symphony of 1000’ adds up to musical milestone

Oct 9, 2014

Michael Neumann has his multitude of players. Now he needs an audience to match.

Sunday at Memorial Auditorium, Neumann and his massive ensemble hope to make history as the largest group of musicians to perform together in concert in Sacramento – or likely anywhere in Northern California.


Singer Susan Boyle comes to Sacramento on Sunday

Oct 9, 2014

With new-found confidence and a soon-to-be-released new album, Susan Boyle continues her real-life Cinderella story with her first American tour.

While hopscotching through six California cities, the Scottish singer comes to Sacramento on Sunday for one night at the Community Center Theater.

“It will be a mixture of...

In Season: Go green with pistachios

Oct 6, 2014

Healthful, delicious and growing in popularity, pistachios make green look great.

Finding new fans around the world, this California tree nut with the distinct color and taste is on a roll. (And it’s not just comedian and pistachio pitchman Stephen Colbert’s famous “bump.”)

“In China, they’re called the...

Seeds: Harvesting acorns for a future urban forest

Oct 3, 2014

So many different species of oaks inhabit our urban forest, finding pure-bred acorns can be difficult. That’s one of the complications that face Sacramento acorn harvesters.

“We don’t want to plant all sorts of interesting hybrids,” said restoration ecologist Zarah Wyly, who leads the Sacramento Tree Foundation’s annual acorn...

‘Dump Cakes’ cookbook a best-seller for TV pitchwoman

Sep 30, 2014

Cathy Mitchell knows her audience. They could be her.

A working mom (and now grandmother) with 24/7 demands on her time, she likes to cook but rarely has a lot of time to devote to something fancy. Shortcuts at dinnertime are OK, if the family eats well and the meal tastes...

Seeds: Find inspiration for fall gardening at these events

Sep 26, 2014

It’s a Sacramento axiom as old as our valley oaks: Fall is for planting.

To beginning gardeners, this seems counter-intuitive. (Isn’t nature getting ready for its long winter’s nap?) But warm autumn weather creates ideal conditions for strong root development, and a healthy start for new transplants.


Seeds: Brothers and sisters, it is time to save your soil

Sep 19, 2014

Plants (and people) aren’t the only ones suffering through this epic drought. Our soil has taken a huge hit, too.

“Our soils are scorched,” said Gisele Schoniger of Kellogg Garden Products. “They need replenishment more than fertilizer.”

Early fall is an ideal time to give our soil...

Chamber music flows ‘Along the Danube’

Sep 18, 2014

Mention Danube and violins, and a familiar waltz immediately comes to mind.

To Bill Barbini, the Danube represents a lot more than Johann Strauss’ greatest hit. The European river that inspired Strauss’ lilting “By the Beautiful Blue Danube” also ties together many other classical composers.

“Follow the Danube...

Seeds: Quilters piece together tribute to State Parks

Sep 12, 2014

From simple needle and thread grew history preserved in fabric.

Inspired by their favorite state parks, quilters throughout California pieced together a fitting tribute to a milestone anniversary. And now the public is invited to two parties to celebrate – including one today.

California’s State Parks system...

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