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Daniel Weintraub, editor of HealthyCal.org, is a veteran California journalist who has covered policy and politics for the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register, the Sacramento Bee and the New York Times. He is a native Californian who has lived in the south and the north and now resides in Sacramento.

Web Site: http://www.healthycal.org

The Future of Aging: Travel, Treatment, Retirement

Sep 2, 2014

By Matt Perry

These days, everything seems to be outsourced abroad. Jobs. Customer service. Even executive assistants.

And today, so is aging – which is fast becoming very big business.

With stressed savings accounts, Americans who are both healthy or needing assistance are looking to stretch their retirement dollars as far...

Percentage of Newborns Breastfed in Hospital on the Rise

Aug 27, 2014

By Lorena Anderson

More infants are exclusively consuming breast milk immediately after being born in California hospitals than before, according to a new report from the California Women, Infants, Children Association and the UC Davis Human Lactation Center.

Exclusive breastfeeding numbers rose 8 percent since 2010, a significant step in the right direction, said Karen Farley,...

Proposition 45 would allow state to regulate insurance rates

Aug 27, 2014

By Alisha Wyman

A proposed ballot measure facing voters this fall would give the state the authority to deny health insurance rate increases, a change some consumer groups say is long overdue but that opponents warn could impede Californians’ access to insurance coverage.

Proposition 45, slated for the Nov. 4 ballot, appears simple.

The post Proposition...

LA County struggles with mentally ill inmates

Aug 24, 2014

By Chris Richard

The inmate had stripped off his suicide-prevention gown.

Such garments are of heavy fabric, like moving blankets, so that inmates in the Los Angeles County Jail’s “high observation” wing can’t tear them up to make ropes and hang themselves.

This man had rolled his gown into a club.

The post LA County struggles with...

Poll: More Californians back ACA

Aug 20, 2014

After years of steady but stable support for the federal health reform known as the Affordable Care Act, California voters strengthened their embrace of the new law after it was implemented this year, according to a poll released this week by the Field...

Santa Barbara Joins Forces to Train Dementia Caregivers

Aug 18, 2014

By Matt Perry

Call it “disaster planning.”

With rates of dementia expected to reach epidemic proportions as an aging American populous lives longer, a Southern California city has formed an impressive coalition of business leaders, educators, foundations and long-term care settings to help train the next generation of caregivers.

Santa Barbara City College is launching...

Peer respites for mental health consumers prevent hospitalizations

Aug 12, 2014

By Lynn Graebner

As people with mental health crises overwhelm California’s hospitals, jails and homeless shelters, counties across the state are gradually embracing residential respite houses located in neighborhoods and staffed by peers — people who have been consumers of the mental health system.

For people on the verge of a crisis, staying at a peer-run...

Covered Ca sees 4.2% average rate hike in 2015

Aug 4, 2014

By Daniel Weintraub

In the first full year under the federal Affordable Care Act, California led the nation – embracing the new law eagerly, implementing it quickly, and providing relatively robust choice with low premiums through a web site that, most of the time, actually worked.

There was nothing in Thursday’s announcement about the early...

Aging’s Staunch Ally in The City of Angels

Aug 4, 2014

By Matt Perry Inside a bureaucratic jungle, Laura Trejo always finds room to roar. When Trejo sat in the midst of a panel of experts during the recent launch of a new state senate committee on aging, she spoke plainly yet firmly. During her 10-minute lecture, simmering tension escalated into barely controlled fury.

The post...

Art With Elders: Stop Making Sense

Jul 20, 2014

By Matt Perry

When expressionist painters like Pablo Picasso, Otto Dix and Barnett Newman waved their defiant brushes over blank canvases, they rebelled against the “logical minds” that had brought about one World War, then another. Art, they insisted, should free the mind from oppressive reality.

So it’s not surprising that in the shadow of the...

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