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San Diego Turns to Tech to Assess Damaged Streets

Mar 25, 2015

San Diego ranks among the worst in the nation when it comes to road quality, so they're doing something about it.

California Finishes Last in Financial Data Transparency Survey

Mar 19, 2015

California ranked poorly for several reasons, the biggest being that the state’s data is spread across multiple agencies and portals.

Business Oregon Launches Entrepreneurship in Residence Program

Mar 17, 2015

Entrepreneurship in residence (EIR) programs are popular in the tech world, and another has popped up in government.

Landmark Investment Shows Public Sector IT Market Heating Up

Feb 27, 2015

A $143.5 million in financing for San Ramon-based Accela will help firm expand its cloud platform.

New LAPD Program Seeks to Dethrone City as King of Hit-and-Runs

Feb 13, 2015

A new alert system will pit the efforts of the police, the private sector, the city and the public against one of Los Angeles' bloody problems.

Self-Driving Vehicles May Not Be So Safe

Jan 29, 2015

A new research paper documents a number of limitations and barriers to the potential road safety of self-driving vehicles.

Oakland Releases Automated License Plate Reader Data

Jan 26, 2015

The Electronic Frontier Foundation discovered that lower-income neighborhoods saw a disproportionate amount of license plates being scanned by police, but poor neighborhoods also tend to have more crime, which explains greater police presence.

Obama Mentions Tech, Cybersecurity in 2015 State of the Union

Jan 21, 2015

The president primarily touted middle-class economics and called for parties to cooperate in this year's addressing, making mere mentions of technology plans and proposals.

Davis, Calif., Reviews 45-Acre Innovation District

Jan 20, 2015

Davis is looking to replace fields of wheat with homes and work spaces for a new generation of technologists.

San Francisco Supports Startup Economy With Simplified Business Portal

Jan 13, 2015

In San Francisco's new business portal, launched in November, the citizen is made central to the business formation process -- not the government.

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