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Happy Tails Board member Responds To Claims

Apr 25, 2013

Reacting to our story about alleged animal hoarding and cruelty, Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary Board member Roger Dunstan tells ranSACkedmedia that there may have been some issues with improper shelving, storage and other minor safety infractions, but that...

Concerned Volunteers Allege Hoarding at Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary

Apr 25, 2013
Concerned Volunteers Allege Hoarding at Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary

Former volunteers who worked at the Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary in East Sacramento have formally requested that the veterinarian board conduct an investigation into the standard practices of the organization. Abuse, neglect, improper medical care, anim...

The ranSACkedmedia Podcast – Episode #33

Dec 26, 2012

As Isaac remains true to his word and commits to his “internet hiatus”, Cindy puts on her engineering hat and nearly drives “The ranSACkedmedia Podcast” over the emotional cliff…but, y’know, in a fun way! Along with ...

“Found Footage” not your average festival

Dec 4, 2012
“Found Footage” not your average festival

It’s safe to say that our city has a healthy festival lifestyle. Especially when it comes to movies, Sacramento has experienced a diverse array of viewing pleasure; from Italian, French, LGBT and even some quality home-grown films have all had th...

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