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Who’s The Boss Of Me–My Head or My Body?

Apr 20, 2014

I have, it seems, no sense of where and how my body is. They're right; I don't, so much so that I have no sense of what that sentence actually means.

LE WEEK-END: At Last A Film That Captures 60+

Apr 7, 2014

Behind these questions for all of us is the human urge to create a meaningful life. It’s the same urge that propelled us in our twenties, except now there are limits imposed.

My Writing Process: The Blog Tour

Mar 31, 2014

When people ask me why I write, I tell them, because I can’t not write. I suppose I could clothe my motivations in something glorious like, “it’s how I make sense of the world,” but while true....

Flashback Friday: High School…dating David Stein

Mar 28, 2014

See that lovely lady in her classy sheath dress. Doesn’t she look about 23 or 24? She was, maybe, 16. Today’s teen girls dress like their younger siblings; our style was more to look like our mothers.  The event was an evening party–we called them “affairs”–given by the club I belonged to, the G.E.M.s. My...


Mar 25, 2014

Still, I was often the bane of my mother's existence. Her first daughter had been mild and shy and obedient so she wasn't prepared for the likes of outspoken, adventurous, don't-tell-me-I-can't-unless-you-want-to-insure-I-will me.

Flashback Friday: Christmas 1975

Mar 21, 2014

If I had known you in 1975, I would have sent you this invitation to my first Christmas party  in LA. This grande dame was a figment of my imagination. Over the years, she has graced other cards and even, for one instant, thought of having a comic strip of her own. Sort of...

The Museum of Extraordinary Things is keeping me up at night

Mar 18, 2014

Hoffman has created a mashup of genres: historical fiction, magical realism, and bodice-ripping romance. Yes, it really is that terrible.

Pitbulls & Chihauhaus: Dealing with the Real Dog Within

Mar 11, 2014

A toy Chihuahua is about as far from a Pit Bull as one can get, but really the main difference between them, according to the research I’ve done, is their size. They are both still animals with the instincts and breeding that go back thousands of years. That means that both breeds can be...

Spine Surgery 3 Months Later

Mar 11, 2014

A friend asked me the other day how I was feeling, and I answered--determined. I will return to the glorious physical self I never was before.

The Louise Log – Season 3

Feb 24, 2014

Last year, Flournoy challenged herself even further and launched a social media marketing effort to crowd-source production costs for the third season of The Louise Log. She was, to say the least, successful, proving once again that the restrictions of...

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