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Sutter County supervisors want look at DA’s office

Oct 15, 2014

The Sutter County Board of Supervisors is getting involved in a state review regarding how the Sutter County District Attorney's Office handled a recent domestic violence case allegedly involving a Su ...

Sutter County DA: Where the candidates stand

Oct 15, 2014

Restoring public trust, integrity and transparency were all major themes in a local forum for two candidates running to be the first new Sutter County district attorney in 30 years.

Population possibilities: Where might Y-S see expansion?

Oct 13, 2014

Editor's Note: Just look around and read some planning documents — it seems a pretty solid bet that Yuba and Sutter counties will be experiencing some serious population growth.

Reservoir water levels bottom out

Oct 10, 2014

Water levels in several reservoirs in Yuba-Sutter are nearing the bottom as the extended forecast for the chances of precipitation they sorely need remains murky.

Rabid bat found in Sutter County

Oct 8, 2014

A bat found inside a home in Sutter County tested positive for rabies last week — a not unexpected, but also not common occurrence in the area.

Hopes answered for leukemia patient

Oct 8, 2014

In the end, life or death came down to a coin flip. Last February, Alan Goergen, then 31, a Marysville resident and a dispatcher for Yuba-Sutter Transit, was diagnosed with leukemia. ...

Plan to drill five wells subject of district meeting

Oct 6, 2014

Five new groundwater wells could be drilled in Glenn and Colusa counties in the next year to bolster the supplies of a local water district during dry years.

Excited about Farm Day

Oct 3, 2014

They got to pet piglets, collect clumps of sheep's wool and watch a goat being milked.

Low levels keep salmon fishermen out of the water

Oct 1, 2014

A basic rule has emerged with this year's drought: If an activity involves water, chances are it's not quite the same as usual.

Rise of the walnut: Global demand makes it No. 2 crop in Yuba-Sutter

Sep 27, 2014

The year was 2008, and all was normal in the agricultural world.

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