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Word change complicates Fifth Street Bridge project

Nov 18, 2015

Almost $3 million in potential federal funds for the Fifth Street Bridge replacement project are at stake because a few words were changed in the project description.

Vacancies help Yuba City with budget surplus

Nov 18, 2015

An ongoing issue of vacant positions within the Yuba City government has turned out to be somewhat of a double-edged sword.

Alaskan visitors wow bird-watchers at Swan Festival

Nov 13, 2015

Not a whisper of wind ruffled the pools of water spread across the rice fields of District 10 in Yuba County on Friday afternoon.

Reservoir levels continue to drop

Nov 13, 2015

Editor's Note: Recent storm systems haven't yet had a big impact on area reservoirs; but they have brought some relief to foothills residents who worried the last several months about wildfire — that

Yuba City looks to revitalize Highway 20

Nov 10, 2015

Long viewed as a visual scar across Yuba City, the barren, concrete stretch of Highway 20 between the bridge and Highway 99 will soon receive an aesthetic boost as part of a multi-year project to impr ...

Water conservation getting harder in Y-S

Oct 30, 2015

Water conservation in Yuba-Sutter took a dip in September as the summer outdoor irrigation seasons wound down.

Drought devastates salmon

Oct 29, 2015

Federal officials have sounded the alarm that for the second year, winter-run Chinook salmon could lose almost the entire class of juveniles due to high temperatures in the Sacramento River. That anno ...

Punjab solidarity: No fireworks to start Sikh Festival

Oct 27, 2015

The fireworks display that traditionally kicks off the Sikh Festival on Friday has been canceled as the local Sikh community shows solidarity with their home state of Punjab, India, which has been rac ...

Golden Autumn Wine Festival on Saturday

Oct 27, 2015

It's time to put Yuba-Sutter vintners on California's wine-making map.

Plenty of Sites support at Water Commission meeting

Oct 22, 2015

Build Sites Reservoir, and build it right away.

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