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I Want S’more Muffins!!

Aug 12, 2013
I Want S’more Muffins!!

Photo courtesy Taste of Home In case you missed it, Saturday was National S’more Day, an annual celebration of one of the most delicious summertime staples.  With that in mind, this SacFoodie sought out an interesting twist on an old favorite with this fun “I Want S’more Muffins” recipe from Taste of Home. The...

Bacon & Butter

Jul 30, 2013
Bacon & Butter

On a recent weekday a good friend and I met for lunch at this much buzzed about midtown establishment to see if it truly lives up to its name.  We were not disappointed.  Known for long lines at Sunday brunch, the lunch hour was nicely low-key with plentiful seating.  We were in and out...

Recipe: Sichuan wontons

Jun 10, 2013

With an active 20 month old running around the house, my husband and I are constantly on the hunt for easy-to-make and quick recipes for dinner.  He found this amazing recipe for Sichuan Wontons from a favorite food blog and the rest is history.  While making wontons may sound daunting at first, it’s not...

Recipe: Inside out S’Mores bars

Mar 29, 2013
Recipe: Inside out S’Mores bars

Photo credit: GourmetMom After posting on healthy fare with these delicious carrot muffins, I’ve decided to take a walk on the dark and delectable side with a fun take on S’mores. If you can’t wait for the summer campouts and fire pits, you must try this easy-to-make take on the campfire classic. Instead of...

Recipe: Healthy carrot muffins

Jan 17, 2013

With a 15 month old that is exploring different food groups and rapidly realizing he isn’t the biggest fan of vegetables, I’m always looking for clever recipes to make sure he gets his daily serving of veggies.  I’ve found through trial and error that muffins can be a wonderful solution for such a problem. ...

Recipe: Peppermint white chocolate bars

Dec 21, 2012
Recipe: Peppermint white chocolate bars

Looking to add 18 ounces of delicious white chocolate to your life? Look no further than this recipe. White chocolate, vanilla and peppermint combine into a rich, creamy not quite brownie- yet not quite fudge-textured bar. Layered with mini chocolate chips then topped with a powdered sugar creation that includes sour cream (yes, you...

Recipe: Berry smoothie pie

Aug 28, 2012

I came across this recipe from Taste of Home when searching for a colorful dessert and couldn’t wait to try it.  This pie is a breeze to make and so incredibly refreshing you wouldn’t guess it took you five minutes to create (plus refrigeration time).  Think of it as your favorite Jamba Juice strawberry...

Recipe: Snickerdoodle blondie

Aug 6, 2012

With apologies to Family Guy for riffing off their “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” song in my title, I couldn’t resist sharing my enthusiasm for this recipe even if it doesn’t involve a dog or a banana suit. This fabulous recipe combines two of my favorite things – snickerdoodle cookies and brownies (or, in this...

Recipe: Cooking the best ribs ‘evah’

May 29, 2012

Nothing says Memorial Day weekend like a good old fashioned barbecue competition.  In my neighborhood, our entire block gets together, dusts off our grills and spends all day Sunday concocting competition-worthy ribs.  The payoff?  The winner gets bragging rights and the honor to host the festivities the following year.   As you can imagine,...

Summer trend alert: Craft beer ice cream

Apr 17, 2012
Summer trend alert: Craft beer ice cream

A rising trend in craft beer and artisanal ice cream inspires a new generation of foodies as this unlikely pairing churns out a delectable treat. Ben and Jerry’s, take your clever Schweddy Balls ice cream and move aside. This SacFoodie has bravely tapped into this summer’s cool rising foodie trend: Craft Beer Ice Cream....

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