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Bill Bradley

Bill Bradley has been a sports writer and editor for 30 years. He started as a writer covering college sports in Arizona, then preps in Washington and later Houston pro sports. Most recently, he is the former Sports Editor of The Sacramento Bee and Nashville Tennessean. He has worked in Arizona, Washington, Texas, Connecticut, Minnesota, Tennessee and California – in other words he has seen the sports corners of the country. Bradley lives in Sacramento and also runs the sports opinion website 27x7.com. He has visited – or at least driven past – more than half of the pro and college arenas and stadiums in the United States. When he’s not covering Sac State sports, you can find him cycling in the American River Parkway, trying to break 100 on the golf course or breaking records on the Madden 12 video game.

Web Site: http://www.sacstatesports.com/

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