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Financial Aid office helps students avoid future loan defaults

Apr 15, 2014

In an effort to decrease post-graduation debt, Sacramento State’s Financial Aid Office strives to inform students about loan borrowing and repayment in order to avoid defaults.

Community Service Officers help maintain low crime rate

Apr 15, 2014

By having one of the largest Community Service Officer programs, Sacramento State remains one of the safest campuses in the California State University system.  

Supplemental instruction programs offer alternative learning opportunities

Apr 9, 2014

Sacramento State’s Peer and Academic Resource Center is expanding its supplemental instruction program by providing additional instruction in a variety of traditionally challenging general education courses that includes biology, chemistry, psychology, economics, history and government.

All students allowed to participate in McNair Research Symposium

Apr 1, 2014

Sacramento State students are taking advantage of research opportunities created by the 2014 McNair Scholars symposium.

Smarthinking offers students online tutoring 24/7

Apr 1, 2014

Sacramento State’s Peer Academic and Resource Center made an online tutoring service available to students.

Faculty Student Mentor Program helps students with academics, college life

Mar 20, 2014

Sacramento State’s Faculty Student Mentor Program is helping the university achieve Graduation Initiative goals by creating a support system for students.

Students will be allowed to choose their own English remedial course

Mar 18, 2014

In order to make remedial courses more reflective of student writing aptitude, Sacramento State will implement a new English placement technique in the fall.

Sacramento State celebrates Black History Month through campus events

Feb 19, 2014

Through campus events and exhibits, Sacramento State students are celebrating Black History Month as a way to commemorate African-American history, culture and contributions.

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